Wednesday, 13 December 2017

International Highlights - Stampin Blends - Birthday Blooms

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog.

Today I am taking part in the International Blog Highlights which are hosted by Kylie Bertucci

You can VOTE for your favourite project during these highlights.
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The theme for this month is All Things Flowers.
I find that I tend to be drawn to floral themes a lot lately, and this is one of those times.
The colours in flowers range from muted hues to rich and vibrant. I chose rich and vibrant today for my floral card.

My card is number 13 in the Gallery. Register your VOTE by clicking on the heart in the top right
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Here is my card.

You Are The Extra In My Ordinary

The sentiment is from the 'So Many Shells' stamp set

#KOCreationscards #Birthdayblooms #uplifting #Yellowrose #Flowers #Garden

By repeat stamping the rose image in the background and then layering the same image just coloured and fussy cut the results are so striking.
For interest I splattered some dark daffodil delight over the black and white stamped images.
To colour my gorgeous rose I used the NEW Stampin' Blends now available from Stampin' Up!
I love how vibrant the colours are, don't you?

 The colours I used for my card are Light and Dark Daffodil Delight combined with Light Pumpkin Pie blended into the darker sections of the flower. The leaves are Light and Dark Old Olive blended.
I added my highlights just by using the Colour Lifter pen.
 For my sentiment I used the water colour markers on my stamp. Colour used were Old Olive and Daffodil Delight along with Basic black.

 I must say that these Stampin' Blend pens are just RIDICULOUSLY EASY to use!

Have you tried them yet? I was so pleasantly surprised when I started! The colours just glide on for both the brush tip and pen tip. No dragging on the paper, no catching, pilling and if you add a bit too much colour to your project or put some colour where you don't want it, FEAR NOT!
Just grab the Colour Lifter and rub it on the area you want it gone from!

A point of interest too is that you can purchase your set any way you like.... 
One at a time, 
In colour pairs 
 Just go all out and purchase the whole set in one hit! 

There are choices to suit every budget!

Don't forget if you like my card to vote by clicking the image below.
 My card is card number 13 in the gallery.
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Would you like to purchase any of the items used to create my card with?
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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Water Colour - The Painted Rose

Hello everyone 😊

I have caught a bug!

A bug called water colour painting!

I recently visited a close friend who has some STUNNING roses growing in her garden.

I took some photo's for inspiration

Dianne's Roses

I have been working with water colours over the last week for another blog that will go LIVE on the 17th of Dec 2017.

I have always had a tendency to paint or draw, but many years ago I aquired a brain injury that dulled that side of my personality. 
I have found that side of my craftiness has resurfaced for short periods of time over the last few years while card making. . 
The last few weeks that "URGE or NEED" to paint has grown Soooo much stronger.
I finally gave into it yesterday and started a small project, but with serious intent.
I thought, why not paint a small image and mount it as a card.
And to tell the truth water colour is the easiest and most forgiving medium to restart my painting efforts.

I admit I still have a loooong way to go before I am at the level I felt I was many years ago, but I am over the moon to know that I still have a drop of talent left.

Below is a shot of the near finished work before final touches and mounting.

Now to hopefully keep painting and improving on my efforts.

In Progress

Below is the finished card.
I do hope you like it.

The Painted Rose

#kocreationscards #watercolourpainting #watercolorpainting #roses #garden #inspiredbynature #naturalbeauty #papercraft #cardmaking #stampinup

I am seriously thinking I might keep this card! I feel an emotional attachment developing hahaha. Downside of art.

I have a list of all colours used to create my water colour with, in the carousel below..
The carousel is linked directly to my store

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